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Ducted vs. Split System Air Conditioning: Which is Best?

Are you trying to choose between ducted or split system air conditioning? Let’s explore the pros and cons of each. This will help you make the best choice for your home in Australia.

Finding the right air conditioning for our Aussie homes is key. At Amended Air, we know that no single system works for everyone. We’ll look at ducted and split system aircon’s mechanics, costs, and energy efficiency. Our goal is to help you find the ideal cooling solution. Let’s dive into these systems to keep your home cool in Australia’s unique climate.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the differences in mechanics between ducted and split system air conditioning systems.
  • Compare financial implications and long-term cost efficiency for Australian homes.
  • Evaluate energy efficiency for sustainable cooling solutions.
  • Learn how to choose the best aircon option based on your specific needs and home layout.
  • Benefit from our expert insights to make an informed air conditioning decision.

Understanding Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning provides whole-home cooling and blends neatly with your home’s design. This system, also known as central air conditioning, uses a hidden network of ducts. They’re installed in the roof or floors of your house.

What is Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted systems distribute cool or warm air through ducts to different rooms. The air is conditioned by a main unit before it spreads around, allowing consistent temperatures everywhere. This means you get whole-home cooling, unaffected by outdoor temperatures.

Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

  • Aesthetic Integration: The ducts are hidden, so your home looks great.
  • Quiet Operation: The main unit is placed away from living spaces, reducing noise.
  • Better Air Distribution: This system cools or heats evenly through all rooms.
  • Zoning Control: You can set different temperatures for different areas, making it comfy for everyone.

Ideal Homes for Ducted Systems

Large homes with many rooms are perfect for ducted air conditioning. It keeps the climate consistent and comfy across your spacious property. The systems integrate well with your home’s style, offering a hidden yet effective central air conditioning solution.


Exploring Split System Air Conditioning

Many Australian homes choose split system air conditioning for good reasons. It’s easy to install and cost-effective, making it a great option. We’re going to look at how they work, their benefits, and where they’re best used.

How Split Systems Work

A split system air conditioner includes two main parts: an outdoor compressor and an indoor air handler. This setup means cooling your home is more efficient and straightforward. These splits have two separate parts, making them simple to set up and maintain. This means less hassle for homeowners.

Advantages of Split System Air Conditioning

Split systems have lots of positives. They let you cool just the rooms you’re using, saving energy. They can be placed in many different types of spaces, making them very versatile. They’re a budget-friendly way to keep your place cool, which is why many people love them.

Best Applications for Split Systems

Split systems are perfect for smaller spaces like homes, apartments, and single rooms. They provide comfort exactly where you need it, making them excellent for specific areas. They’re also easy to install in places that can’t have big changes. So, they’re great for anyone who needs an efficient, affordable way to cool their space that fits their needs exactly.

FactorsDucted Air Conditioning
Best Suited ForLarger homes with multiple rooms
Key BenefitsAesthetic integration, quiet operation, better air distribution, zoning control
Cooling RangeWhole-home cooling
FeaturesSplit Systems
InstallationEasy Installation
CostCost-Effective Cooling
ControlIndividual Room Control
Ideal forSmaller Homes, Apartments, Single Online Rooms

Ducted vs. Split System Air Conditioning: Cost Considerations

Choosing between ducted and split system air conditioning involves understanding costs. We’ll explore the financial side to guide your decision.

Initial Installation Costs

Thinking about your budget for aircon is key. Ducted systems usually cost more to install. They need a network of ducts in your home, requiring detailed planning and a lot of labour.

Split systems, however, are cheaper to set up. Their simple design, with an outdoor compressor and indoor units, means lower installation costs. They’re budget-friendly, especially for cooling smaller areas or single rooms.

Operational and Maintenance Costs

It’s vital to look at maintenance costs and ongoing expenses. Ducted systems can be more affordable in the long run for big homes. Still, they need regular maintenance like filter replacements and duct checks.

Split systems usually cost less to maintain thanks to their straightforward design. They’re good for those wanting to keep costs down and still enjoy cool air. Remember, maintaining these units regularly helps them last longer.

To wrap up, both choices have different costs involved. Knowing these can help with your budgeting for aircon, ensuring your home stays comfortable efficiently.

Energy Efficiency Comparisons

It’s important to check how efficient air conditioner systems are before buying. Recently, ducted air conditioners have gotten better at saving energy. This is because of new zoned systems that don’t waste as much power.

On the other side, split system air conditioners are naturally good at saving power. They are small and cool or heat only certain areas, making them great for the environment. They use less energy, which helps keep costs down.

System TypeEnergy EfficiencyTypical Running Costs
Ducted Air ConditioningHigh with zoned systemsModerate to High
Split System Air ConditioningNaturally HighLow to Moderate

Australians should look closely at energy ratings and think about their house’s insulation, the system size, and how much they’ll use it. Finding a balance between the upfront price and ongoing costs will help pick the best air con for your home.

Choosing the Right System for Your Home

Choosing the right air conditioning system for your home is vital. Every home is different, needing a specific cooling answer that matches the building style and the local weather.

Assessing Your Home’s Layout

The design of your home is crucial in picking the perfect air conditioning system. For houses with an open-plan layout, ducted systems work well as they evenly cool large areas. On the other hand, split systems are great for homes with separate rooms, giving you control over each space’s temperature.

Climate Considerations

Australia’s varying climate plays a big role in selecting your aircon system. Homes in very hot or cold places might need the extensive cooling that ducted systems offer. But, if you live in an area with a milder climate, a split system could be all you need. Our advice at Amended Air can guide you to the right system based on your climate.

Consulting with Experts

It’s always best to get advice from air conditioning specialists. At Amended Air, we assess your home and suggest a cooling system that suits your needs and budget. Our experts know which systems will keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient.


Choosing between ducted and split system air conditioning requires considering personal needs. Your home’s design greatly affects your choice. An open-plan suits a ducted system, while split systems suit rooms better. Budget is key too. Ducted systems cost more at first but can save money in bigger homes over time. Split systems are cheaper upfront, making them ideal for smaller areas or occasional use.

Don’t forget efficiency in your decision. Both system types have improved in energy use. Ducted systems can zone off areas to save energy. Split systems are efficient in specific areas they cool or heat. Think about costs, energy use, your home’s design, and climate. These will guide you to the best air con choice for comfy living.

At Amended Air, we’re here to help you make an informed choice. Our team offers advice that fits your unique situation. We make sure the air con system you pick meets your lifestyle and comfort needs. Whether you prefer ducted or split, our installation services ensure your home is comfortable. Trust us to guide you to the best air con choice for your Australian home.


What are the key differences between ducted and split system air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning spreads cool air through ducts in the ceiling or floor, covering your whole home. Split systems use an outdoor compressor and an indoor unit. They let you control the temperature in individual rooms, and are often cheaper to set up. Each type works best depending on your house’s layout and your cooling needs.

Which air conditioning system is more cost-effective for Australian homes?

Ducted systems can cost more to install but may save you money in big homes by cooling efficiently. In contrast, split systems cost less upfront. They’re good for smaller homes or single rooms. They can also be cheaper to run.

How does ducted air conditioning improve energy efficiency?

Ducted systems now let you control the temperature in different rooms, which cuts down on wasted energy. By cooling or heating only the occupied areas, they boost energy efficiency. This also reduces your running costs.

What are the benefits of split system air conditioning?

Split systems are easy to install and offer flexibility in where you place the indoor units. They let you control the temperature in individual rooms, providing cost-effective cooling. They’re great for homes with limited space or specific cooling needs.

What factors should I consider when choosing an air conditioning system for my home?

Think about your home’s layout, your budget, the climate, and your cooling or heating requirements. Ducted systems suit larger, open-plan homes well. Smaller or separated spaces might be better off with split systems. Talking to experts can help you pick the right system.

How do installation costs compare between ducted and split systems?

Setting up a ducted air conditioning system tends to be pricier due to complex ductwork and big equipment. Split systems, being simpler, usually cost less to install. This makes them a more wallet-friendly option for many.

What are the maintenance requirements for ducted vs. split system air conditioning?

Both ducted and split systems need regular checks to keep them running well and lasting long. But, ducted systems may need more complex care, making them a bit pricier to maintain. Split systems are generally simpler and cheaper to look after.

How does climate affect the choice between ducted and split system air conditioning?

In places with extreme weather, ducted systems might give better coverage and control. But, in milder climates or for homes with simpler cooling needs, split systems can work well. Consider your local weather when choosing a system.

Can I control the temperature in individual rooms with a ducted system?

Yes, modern ducted systems offer zoning capabilities. This lets you adjust the temperature in different rooms or areas as needed. It improves comfort, saves energy, and cuts down costs by focusing on occupied spaces only.

How do I know which air conditioning system is right for my home?

To find the best system, you need to look at your home’s layout, local weather, budget, and personal likes. Our team at Amended Air can give you tailored advice. We’ll make sure you choose the most fitting air conditioning for your home.
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